Lithium battery forklift
Luxury smart electric forklift
Easy to operate
Energy saving and high efficiency

Technology empowered lithium-ion forklift

In-depth cooperation with internationally renowned motor control experts

Original imported controller from Sweden inmotion company
The vehicle system is equipped with remote diagnosis and control. Solve customers' worries every second
The whole series adopts first-line power battery brand lithium iron phosphate battery

Imported tines

Imported from Italy, Bosoni tines, quality assurance
At the same time to ensure the stability of the car

Solid tire

The vehicle is equipped with solid tires as standard, with a long service life and higher safety performance
-Normal operation at 40°low temperature

Door frame

Upgraded thickened secondary door frame, strong load-bearing, no deformation of load
Sweden (Imerson) original imported controller

  • All Bojun series use lithium iron phosphate batteries

  • Use imported ZP and INMOTION controllers

  • Higher energy-saving efficiency, fast charging, and maintenance-free

  • Shimadzu gear pump, low noise, stable oil supply

  • Zhenjiang planetary hydraulic steering gear, light steering, flexible operation

  • Fully digital dashboard

Luxurious and comfortable configuration is still standard
TA has all thoughts and unexpected things.
New style · Bojun cross-country forklift · Internal combustion forklift
  Full-time four-wheel drive
  Three-phase oil-assisted braking system, caliper disc brake
 Mechanical type and stepless speed change type
Owner's Rights
Vehicle warranty
Factory direct sales, power system warranty
Solve the worries
The vehicle system is equipped with remote diagnosis and control
Stable quality of imported components
Bosoni Fork Gear
After-sales service
Professional team, 7X24 worry-free after-sales service

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